Making A Statement: Accent Walls

Making A Statement: Accent Walls

Making a Statement: Accent Walls

A fun way to jazz up a room without repainting it or wallpapering it, is to create an accent wall. Accent walls have become an increasingly popular request at Color Expressions Painting because of their flexibility.

So, when do you take the accent wall leap?

  • If you ever think to yourself, ‘I love that color, but can’t commit to an entire room of it’
  • If you want to add a pop of color or pattern to an existing room
  • If you want to experiment with wallpaper
  • If you have a wall with a special feature that’d you like to highlight more

One of the wonderful things about an accent wall is that you have a lot of freedom. You can use paint or you can use wallpaper. You can choose a bright color, or a neutral color. You can even go crazy and use a textured material. You really have a lot of different options and not a lot of rules to follow.

For example, the show Fixer Upper introduced a lot of people to shiplap – a board material that is cut and stacked, often overlapping – and specifically, shiplap accent walls. Shiplap accents walls are becoming increasingly popular due to the show as well as their inherent rustic charm. Some other materials to consider using are stone and tile.

When creating an accent wall, don’t be afraid to go BOLD. Bold color, bold wallpaper print, or bold material. One of the benefits of wallpaper is that it is more temporary and comes in a wide array of colors and prints. Take advantage of accents and décor around the room to complement and coordinate with the bold color or print you choose.

It is important to think of the entire color palette for a room before deciding on an accent wall color or pattern. A bright, bold color against a background of white walls can be modern, but can also look too blunt. Balance is key; make sure your accent wall is balanced with neutral walls. Consider gray, beige, or even greige for the other walls in a room.

To recap, when creating an accent wall:

  • Choose the right wall – one that is not too crowded or too bare
  • Keep in mind that the accent wall will be the first thing people are drawn to in the room
  • Remember the purpose of the room when choosing colors
  • Pair bold colors with neutrals
  • Don’t be afraid to use patterns or even other materials
  • Use the 60-30-10 rule when choosing color palettes (60 percent dominant color, 30 percent secondary color, 10 percent accent color)
  • Take advantage of fun accessories and décor to add in other colors

Accent walls are an easy way to highlight a special feature in a particular room or add a pop of color. Contact Color Expressions Painting today to talk about incorporating an accent wall in your home. We will help you identify which wall to highlight, come up with fun color palettes, and then make your design come to life.

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