2018 color of the year

At Color Expressions Painting, one of our favorite times of the year is when the color for the upcoming year is announced. The color of the year selection dictates what is in style and sets the tone for popular paint palettes.

While there is no steadfast rule that you must use the color of the year – no need to update your kitchen every year (unless you want to!) – it is a nice way to stay in touch with current trends.

This year, several companies have already announced their pick or their prediction for 2018. So, what is the color of choice for next year? Well, there isn’t just one. More accurately, there are ‘colors of the year.’

Even though some of the chosen colors are similar, they are distinct color choices, especially in naming convention. This creates options,

which is great for people who want to stay current with trends, but don’t always like what someone else does.

Both PPG and Glidden selected dark colors – Black Flame and Deep Onyx, respectively. While they are both shades of black, they do not appear to be too harsh or overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Sherwin Williams went with Oceanside. The color is an “opulent and mysterious green-blue hue.” Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing described the versatile color, “Oceanside is the color of wanderlust right in our own homes.”

In our busy world today, we are all looking to add more balance between work, activities, and life. It can be hard to find time and space for joy and to be in the moment. The colors we choose in our house can directly affect our ability to relax and feel ease and contentment. Oceanside seems like a perfect choice to pair with other calming blue hues to create such an environment.

While all the colors may not be the same in shade, they are the same in theme: bold. Each one offers a unique feel and vibe all within the modern, contemporary umbrella.

These colors work both indoors or outdoors and are perfect for accent walls, trim, or even doors. If you are brave, you can really make a statement by painting the entire room!

Pantone has not yet released an official color but has published some color palette predictions, full of brights and neutrals. These are Pantone’s selections:

  • Resourceful – blues and oranges
  • Verdue – vegetal colors (celery), berry-infused purples, and eggshell blue
  • Playful – bright yellow, lime, fun colors
  • Discretion – subtle hues (Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose)
  • Far-fetched –earthy hues and rosy tones
  • Intricacy – neutral metallic
  • Intensity – eclectic mix of colors with black and gold
  • TECH-nique – bright turquoise, pink, and purples

If you are looking to make a room color change, or want to make your home more reflective of who you are, contact Color Expressions Painting today to set up a consultation. We are loving some of these 2018 colors and cannot wait to start incorporating them in our favorite spaces!