3 Colors to step up your learning

At Color Expressions Painting, we love diving deeper into the meaning behind colors. Since painting is one of the pillars of our business, we want to not only be able to execute an excellent paint job, but we want to be able to recommend colors that will work well with your life.

Recent research has shown that colors play a significant part in learning and memory. In fact, Alzheimer’s patients can use color clues to improve their memory. Meanwhile, if you are learning something new, seeing it in color will help it stick in your mind more clearly than if you see it in black and white.

Here are three colors and how they actually help with learning:

1- Green

Green is a rich color that comes in varying shades and might even be relaxing for some people. Green reminds us of nature – grass, trees, even bugs and some reptiles. But green is also great for concentration. With green surrounding you, you are more apt to keep your concentration long-term. Because of this, green is the ideal color for an office.

You don’t have to go crazy and have a bright green office but having a green accent wall or some sort of pattern that incorporates green would work just as well.

2- Orange

This color might be surprising because it is so bright but think of those sunsets you see on your way home. They are filled with vivid pinks and oranges. While sunsets might be relaxing and help you calm down, orange actually boosts your energy. With increased energy, you can increase your focus!

You will want to steer clear of bright oranges though, so choose a shade of orange that is more mellow. And don’t go for orange if you have young, energetic learners or learners who get easily overstimulated.

3- Blue

Are you noticing a trend here? That some of the colors that help enhance learning are also colors that are more relaxing? Blue is traditionally known as a calming color that a lot of people use in bathrooms. Now researchers are finding that blue actually increases productivity.

Blue is a great color for people in a challenging learning situation or for professionals like programmers. Just like orange, you want to use lighter blues. Additionally, consider mixing the blue with some warmer colors.

Are you convinced that you need to redo a room or two to better enhance your own learning or that of someone you know? Call Color Expressions Painting today for a color consult!