3 Easy home office upgrades

In our last post we talked about three colors that can be used to up your learning or study spaces. As a brief reminder: green encourages concentration, orange boosts energy, and blue increases productivity. With all that talk about colors, we wanted to touch on three easy home office upgrades you can tackle this winter.

Color Expressions Painting loves projects where we can not only help add functional purpose, but also style and help you express yourself. Home offices are great places to do both!

Here are three easy home office upgrades to do this winter while the weather prevents those outdoor projects.

1 – Add an accent wall

Our offices and studies are great places to get away from the hustle and bustle of life to really concentrate on the task at hand. If you are someone who works from home all the time or someone who is pursuing a higher degree, you need an office space that works for you. Adding an accent wall will give your eyes a much needed break and can be a great way to incorporate some of those colors we mentioned above.

2 – Add a shiplap wall

It may be a few years old at this point, but we still love adding shiplap walls into rooms. Much in the vein of Joanna Gaines, we appreciate the texture and diversity shiplap can add in a space. Shiplap comes in so many different forms – thin, thick, wood, painted. You can make it work however you want. One of our favorites is a thicker shiplap painted white. It matches well with a space but adds such a nice texture.

3 – Add some storage

One of the most important things in a usable office space is space and lack of clutter. Who can really work and be productive when there are piles of paper and clutter surrounding you? Outside of throwing everything away, one of the best ways to get rid of extra clutter is to add some storage space. We can help you add in a set of cabinets that will be the perfect solution to any storage issue.

Having a clean, clutter free, and motivating work space is so important for those of us who have to work or study at home. Let Color Expressions Painting help you create a work oasis. Call us today!