3 Reasons to hire CEP to prepare your nursery

Now that we are settling into the new year, we are sure that some of you have exciting life changing things happening that you are preparing for.

If one of those things is expanding your family, we know that you have a long list of to-dos to get done before the baby arrives. Let Color Expressions Painting help with one of those things by preparing your nursery.

Here are three reasons to let CEP take over the nursery preparations.

1 – Paint is potent

The jury is still out on the effects of paint on unborn children, but overall the message is the same, its best to avoid painting while pregnant as well as freshly painted rooms. When pregnant, your sense of smell is heightened so paint fumes that might not otherwise affect you, could suddenly become stronger and even make you lightheaded.

2 – Painting can be unsafe

When pregnant, one of the things you are supposed to avoid is any activity that increases your chances of falling. It makes sense; you are carrying precious cargo and if you fall (on your stomach) you could really harm that cargo. One of the things painting often requires is getting up on a ladder and as you might have guessed, this is NOT an approved activity for a pregnant woman.

In addition, some pregnant women might find that their feet hurt more easily, especially later in their pregnancies, so spending lots of time on your feet painting can be ill advised.

3 – Save your energy

We know that there is nothing more exhausting than growing a baby (besides having the actual baby and those early newborn months). Especially as your pregnancy progresses, you might be more uncomfortable and more tired. During those last few months before your new arrival comes, it is important to rest and take care of yourself. Hiring Color Expressions Painting to take care of the nursery can take one big item off your list so you don’t have to worry about it.

At Color Expressions Painting, we love helping people’s visions for their nursery come to life. Whether its just painting, or adding some crown molding, or working on a mural, we are here to help you prepare for your new arrival. Call us today to knock out one of your big checklist items!