3 Reasons to paint your brick house

If you spend any time on the Internet, you may remember the biggest blogger debate of 2018: should Sheri and Jon of Young House Love paint their brick house white?

There was a long debate between the husband and wife bloggers as to whether they wanted to take the plunge or not. Their Richmond home has a brick exterior while Sher was convinced it would look amazing painted white, husband Jon wasn’t convinced. Eventually they came to a decision and painted their house white and it looks amazing!

In Northern VA we have a lot of brick homes that would benefit from an exterior sprucing.

Here are three reasons that Color Expressions Painting supports painting your brick exterior.

Feels like a new house

After living in the same home for a few years, it is understandable that you may start to get bored. Sometimes, there are easy upgrades inside you can do that make it feel like a different space or make it work better for your family. However, it is hard to change the exterior of your home. Until now!

Painting your exterior brick creates a really clean look for your exterior, especially if you update the shutters and other accent colors. It will instantly feel like an entirely new house without the hassle of buying a new home and moving.

Adds curb appeal

There are many ways to create curb appeal for your home, one of which is of course landscaping. Another way is to update the exterior of your home. Unlike typical siding, brick has a very distinct look. Until recently, most people would never think of changing it, but now it is much more common to paint the brick. Doing this breathes life into your home and creates an amazing look from the street.

An easy and affordable update

Of all the updates you could do, painting a brick exterior is one of the easier and affordable ones. You are not replacing one material with another, or moving, you are simply painting an existing structure. After selecting a paint color, Color Expressions Painting will power wash the entire exterior and then paint the brick. It is a simple process, not much more complicated than painting siding.

Painted brick is an incredibly easy way to really alter the look of your home while adding instant curb appeal and value. Call Color Expressions Painting today to talk about painting your Northern VA home!