3 Reasons to paint your exterior in september

September is here which means fall is right around the corner! This is the perfect time to start finishing up those summer projects you wanted to get done.

One of the biggest and often most needed exterior projects is to refresh your exterior paint. In the Northern VA area, you should be getting this done every six to seven years with the humid summers and harsh winters.

Here are three reasons you should have Color Expressions Painting paint your house’s exterior in September.

Perfect Prep for Winter

One of the great benefits of repainting your exterior is that your home gets cleaned and caulked. When you redo the caulking, your home is getting better equipped to handle that harsh winter weather.

Exterior paint is the first level of protection your home has, so ensuring that you have a high-quality paint applied goes a long way in providing protection and keeping your utility bills down. Ideally, you want this protection reinforced ahead of the wintry weather.

Ideal Weather

The weather this time of year is pretty ideal for tackling a large outdoor project. Most people consider 70 degrees the perfect temperature for exterior painting, which makes September a perfect month since this is when we start to see cooler temperatures.

It is important not to take on a project like this when it is wet or too cold out. Since we have winter weather starting in November, September and October are two of the latest months you’d want to do exterior painting.

Lots of Sunlight

Since September is technically still in the summer, or at least until mid-month, that means that we still have long days ahead of us. Longer days mean more sunlight to play with. With more sun, we can get more done! Exterior painting is a project that we want to get done in dry weather, so days with lots of sunlight are the best.

Call Color Expressions Painting today so we can schedule an exterior painting consult. This is a relatively quick project that can vastly improve the look of your home while adding value.