7 Advantages of epoxy flooring

One of the many services we offer at Color Expressions Painting is installing epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is a great option for residential homes (garages) or commercial spaces because of its versatility.

Here are 7 reasons to consider epoxy flooring in your space.

1- Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors are easy to clean and require very minimal maintenance. When they do require maintenance, it is usually nothing major. Most epoxy floors can be sufficiently cleaned with some sweeping.

2- Affordable

Epoxy floors have a low cost per square foot. Epoxy can be installed directly over concrete, so it has a low installation cost.

3- Durable

Epoxy floors are durable, holding up to heavy traffic. Since they go over an existing floor, they protect it and provide a cover / seal that prevents the elements from getting to it. The only flooring more durable is concrete.

4- Long Lasting

Epoxy floors that are applied correctly can last up to several years. It can go decades without minor damage like cracks and peeling. Due to its long lifespan it is ideal for both commercial and industrial places.

5- Resistant

Epoxy floors are incredibly resistant to various materials including oil, gasoline, bleach, and most chemical cleaners. They are also heat and water resistant, making them ideal for garages. Epoxy floors are often used in hospitals because they resist bacteria and germs and are easily sanitized.

6- Visually Appealing

Epoxy flooring is available in a variety of colors or can be applied in patterns. Comparatively, it looks more professional than a standard garage floor. With its bright shine, it creates an overall clean, sharp look for a space.

7- Safe

Epoxy floors are a safe option because they are anti-slip surfaces. Like we mentioned above, they are also resistant to heat and water. When light hits an epoxy floor, it creates a visually enhanced space, making it safer especially in a garage.

Epoxy flooring is an environmentally friendly option that protects existing concrete floors and can save you money in the long run. Call Color Expressions Painting today to see how you can incorporate epoxy flooring into your space!