A valentine's day room refresh

Happy February! February is a strange month. It is getting closer to spring, though we sometimes still have snow and then smack dab in the middle of the month is Valentine’s Day. Since the weather can be less than ideal in February (did we mention snow?), it is a great month for tackling indoor projects.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider gifting your loved one with a Color Expressions Painting project. Here are a few that we think would make great gifts for that special someone in your life.

1 – Repaint a Room

We know that everyone has that one room that they want to repaint. Most clients we work with have a couple of these rooms. In one case, our client had actually painted swatches of color on the wall to choose and then could never find the free time or motivation to repaint the room. Luckily, her husband helped her by calling us in to help and within a few days she was surrounded by a newly colored kitchen.

The best part about this gift is not that the room gets painted, but that you and your significant other don’t have to do the work yourself. Instead, you get the prep time and painting time back to spend on yourselves.

2 – Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The kitchen is a room that gets so much use. Whether it is meal time prep or just a place where people hang out, it tends to be one of the most popular rooms. Because of that, it is also a room that gets more wear than others. One of the complaints we hear most about kitchens is the cabinets. Since replacing cabinets can be extremely costly and take a long time, we decided to find another option. Painting cabinets is a cheaper and easier update that can make just as big of a difference as replacing them.

This gift is great because it does not take quite as long as a full replacement and costs a lot less, leaving you some extra money for a fun date night out!

This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to consider a different kind of gift for your loved one. Flowers and candy are meaningful but wouldn’t a project that knocks something off your to-do list be even better? Call Color Expressions Painting today to talk about additional gift options for this Valentine’s Day!