Adding decorative specialty backsplash

Do you have backsplash in your kitchen? If not, have you thought about incorporating it? Do you wonder why other people add it? Home decor shows and DIY bloggers all over constantly post about it, since it is an easy upgrade to make.

At Color Expressions Painting, we recommend installing a backsplash for the following reasons:

To add value

Kitchens are one of the main selling points of homes currently on the market. In addition to cabinetry and appliances, home buyers are looking at the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. A nice backsplash can enhance the look of your kitchen, which will result in more interest and better offers. Adding backsplash can be a quick and affordable way to add to your home’s value.

To protect the walls

The walls in your kitchen are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Between splashes of water from cleaning dishes to grease and grime from cooking, they really go through a lot. Adding backsplash instantly adds protection for your walls by adding a layer of protection between the wall and the food, water, and any other external items.

To decrease maintenance

Since a backsplash is already protecting your walls, there will be less overall maintenance needed. Additionally, backsplash materials (glass, stone) are easy to clean and don’t stain easily. Most backsplash materials just need a wet cloth to clean them. This will keep your kitchen looking great with minimal effort from you!

To spruce up the space

Backsplash is a really visually pleasing upgrade. It can be used to hide installation flaws, tie cabinets and appliances together, and add more fun and color to your existing space. Plus, it is an opportunity for you to incorporate some of your personality into your kitchen. Color Expressions Painting has the resources to help you come up with a specialty design, made just for you and your space.

At Color Expressions Painting, installing decorative and specialty backsplashes is one of our favorite kitchen updates. If you live in the Northern VA area, call us today to talk about adding this enhancement to your home!