Affordable kichen upgrades

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are unhappy with some of the spaces, upgrades are a great way to either change up a space or a good way to prep your house for sale. A recent article on the Northern VA housing market said that kitchen upgrades are not getting homeowners a great return on investment. So, if you spend $30,000 fixing up your kitchen, it is not guaranteed you’d get all that back when selling.

At Color Expressions Painting, we want you to be able to have the kitchen you want at a price that doesn’t break the bank. If the new claims are true and people often don’t get the most return on investment from their kitchen upgrades, why dump all that money into a space you can spruce up more affordably?

Here are three ways that we can help upgrade your existing kitchen.

1 – Repaint the space

Perhaps the easiest option is to simply repaint the existing kitchen. People underestimate the effect that a new coat of paint can have on a space. Especially in older or outdated kitchens, a new paint can bring the space back to life. But paint color changes work on a smaller scale too. Recently, we had a client come to us who had a gray kitchen. She wanted gray and loves gray, but the gray in her kitchen had blue undertones and was a colder color. It didn’t really go with her space the way she wanted it to. We helped her pick out a gray that didn’t have any undertones and was much warmer. It was amazing how much the countertops popped with that new color! She felt like it was a new kitchen.

2 – Add a backsplash

A common misconception is that you have to have a fancy backsplash if you are going to add texture and detail to your kitchen. We love to challenge this with our faux tile backsplashes! They look just as good as actual tile and cost a fraction of the price. They are easier to install and hold up well. While traditional tile may last a bit longer than a faux tile, the great part about faux tile is that you can switch up easily and for a reasonable price!

3 – Paint your cabinets

People often assume they only way to change your cabinets is to literally change out your cabinets. This is not true! One of the easiest ways to change your cabinets is to paint them. Have you longed of white cabinets but are stuck with boring wood? Paint them white! It is an easy project that costs way less than completely replacing existing cabinets. There are endless color options, ranging from something bold like white to a natural stain to a distressed look. Whatever you imagine, we can make happen! Add in some new hardware and you will truly think you have new cabinets.

With the new knowledge that kitchen renovations don’t always result in an equal return on investment, choose instead a more affordable update option that will get you the same results for less! Call Color Expressions Painting today to design your new kitchen.