All about cedar siding

As we approach the summer months in Northern VA, it’s time to tackle some of those outdoor home projects. In this area, there are a lot of older, historic homes that could use some exterior maintenance.

If you have an older, historic home, a way to keep up its overall antique aesthetic is to add some cedar or redwood siding.

Cedar or redwood siding doesn’t need much explaining; it is essentially a building product that comes from cedar or redwood trees. It’s actually been used on homes for hundreds of years, all the way back to the 1800s.


There are many different ways that cedar or redwood siding can be applied. It can be a variety of widths and thickness. It can be stained or painted. It comes in various application styles:

  • Bevel
  • Board-and-batten
  • Tongue-and-groove
  • Lap
  • Trim
  • Shingle

The style of application you choose depends largely on the overall look you want. For a modern look, choose tongue-and-groove. If you want a rural look, board-and-batten. Nothing is wrong with a traditional style like shingles.

For an entirely different look, you can choose white cedar and purposely let it naturally fade to a warm gray color.

One of the great things about cedar or redwood siding is that it can be restored to its original state, even if it has faded.


With the right upkeep, cedar or redwood siding is a durable product that can last for a long time. Unlike other types of wood, cedar is pretty resistant to unwanted pests and wood rot. Additionally, you can minimize the siding’s exposure to moisture with a finish coat or a stain, it will be much less likely to develop rot.

If you opt to paint over the cedar or redwood, it will need to be scraped and repainted about every five years. Stained siding will need to be redone every three years.

Additional maintenance includes periodic caulking and cleaning with a product to remove mildew.
Cedar or redwood siding can drastically change how your home looks. Call Color Expressions Painting today to talk about adding cedar siding or if your current cedar siding is in need of repainting or staining!