Changing to a composite deck

Hello! We have just purchased a home, an older home, that has a lovely wood deck. However, upon our home inspection we discovered that the deck was not exactly constructed correctly. It has been recommended to us that we update the deck and ensure that it is done correctly. If we are going to redo it, we are thinking of switching out the wood and doing composite material instead. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, we can! At Color Expressions Painting, we often recommend updating a wood deck to a composite deck because it is a much more durable material that lasts so much longer.

Composite board is a fairly new invention, first showing up in the 90’s. Since it is man made, it doesn’t have a lot of the natural issues that wood has. For instance, it doesn’t rot or splinter and it doesn’t need an extra layer of staining. For traditional wood decks, staining and sealing are often required to add in an extra layer of protection.

Composite board is a modern material, wood alternative for decks that was created in the 1990s. It doesn’t rot or splinter. It is tough and doesn’t need staining to protect it from the elements.

Here are four reasons we love composite decks.

  1. They are incredibly low maintenance. The suggested maintenance is just a thorough washing once a year. Compared to a traditional wood deck that requires staining, sealing, power washing, these decks are easy!
  2. They last a long time. Unlike wood, composite board doesn’t get infected by various insects and pests. It also doesn’t fade like traditional wood, which means it looks nicer for longer.
  3. They are a good investment. Because they tend to last much longer and require less maintenance, composite decks are a great investment. While they may cost more up front, their longevity ends up being worth it.
  4. They are environmentally friendly. Composite decks are made up from wood or plastic waste, making them a great choice if you are conscious of the environment.

At Color Expressions Painting, we always recommend a composite deck. If you are thinking of updating your existing deck or creating a new composite deck and you live in the Northern VA area, call us today!