Creating a warm office enviroment

Northern VA is littered with businesses – big and small. This is truly the area to be in if you are a business owner.

Potential clients and employees treat businesses much like they treat books and often judge them based on their looks. For most businesses this means what your website looks like or your social media presence. However, if you have an office, this also extends to your office space.

You want people to have a good impression of your physical presence in addition to your online presence. So how do you go about creating a warm office environment?

Here are two ways Color Expressions Painting can help you upgrade your office to a warm and welcoming space this year.

1 – A new coat of paint

The easiest way to make a space feel different is to add a new coat of paint. There are certain colors that evoke a sense of calm and relaxation and ones that are considered “warm.” Some of our favorites are blush or linen or pale blue. Of course, it is important to match your business and personality with the new paint color. Blush is a perfect color choice for a bridal salon, but maybe not the right color for an auto parts store.

2 – Creating an accent wall

Accent walls add in some flavor and can be a fun way to include some color in your space. A fun and meaningful accent wall we’ve seen recently in a local office was a wall with the company’s purpose statement painted on the wall in large letters. Another update we’ve loved is a wall behind the front desk that had a textured material on it. It really broke up the redundancy of the other walls and made the front desk a welcoming focal point.

The new year has just started so it is still a great time to tackle an improvement project for your commercial spaces. At Color Expressions Painting, we work quickly and flexibly so that your commercial spaces do not have interruptions. We can do work during off hours and weekends.

Call Color Expressions Painting today to discuss the ways we can help you refresh your commercial space!