Creating texture with crown molding

December is here, which means that Northern VA is starting the dreaded winter weather slump. For the next few months, we will see anything from a warm sunny day to a dark, snow filled week. While this weather makes for great movie marathons, fort building, and game nights, it does not make for any type of external painting projects.

So, since you can’t get any of those external painting projects taken care of, what could you do instead?

A fun project Color Expressions Painting loves to do is adding crown molding to a room.

What is crown molding?

Crown molding is the trim / molding that you find on the ceiling. While any type of addition (or trim) to a space con be considered molding, crown molding is specifically the ceiling trim.

What does crown molding do?

Well, crown molding was originally used to close up the small gap builders would create between the walls and the ceiling. Having a small space between the walls and ceiling is unavoidable, so back in the day, builders added a piece of trim to cover it up.

Today crown molding is still used to close up those spaces, but more often it is used to add texture or decoration to a room.

What is crown molding made of?

Crown molding comes in a variety of materials and styles. Wood crown molding is one of the oldest kinds of crown molding. It is not the easiest to install, but not the hardest. Plaster crown molding is preferable for intricate designs but is harder to install and maintain. Plaster molding is typically created onsite.

A newer option, composite crown molding is the easiest to install. Composite crown molding is also lightweight and flexible. Once painted, you can hardly tell the difference between wood, plaster, and composite.

Does style matter?

Yes, style does matter! One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a crown molding style is to think of the age of your home. You wouldn’t want to put a really contemporary crown molding in an older home. Outside of that, there are no rules!

Contact Color Expressions Painting today to discuss adding some eye-catching crown molding to some of the bland spaces in your home. It is an easy and quick upgrade!