Custom mahogany decks in Northern VA

Spring is finally here, and summer is close behind! In Northern VA, we are experiencing lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. With the influx of this warm weather, we are starting to spend more time in our outdoor spaces.

Color Expressions Painting is happy to offer our customers with a new custom mahogany deck. Mahogany is a solid deck material due to its durability, resilience to wood rot, and the different varieties.

There are several different types of mahogany to choose from, with each offering its own unique coloring.

Cambara Mahogany

This type of mahogany is not the most well-known but is the most common variety used for decks. Found in Brazil, Cambara has a consistent deep red-brown color. Cambara is easy to stain, meaning you can treat the deck or get it looking however you want. If you don’t like the natural color, it can easily be changed!

Meranti Mahogany

Meranti is the second most popular mahogany for decks. Meranti (also known as Luan) is native to the Philippines. One of the best things about Meranti is its ability to wear well. It is rot resistant and does well with lots of foot traffic. Unlike Cambara, it can be less consistent in color ranging from dark red to light brown, all within the same board. If you want a more natural, varied look, then Meranti is the mahogany for you.

Ipe Mahogany

A newer mahogany that is consistently getting used today is called Ipe (or Brazilian Walnut). Ipe is a very dense and heavy wood, which can make it hard to use for furniture, but makes it a great choice for decks. Just like Meranti, it will wear well and is extremely durable. Ipe is also fire resistant. Its color ranges from blackish brown to deep red. Ipe is a great choice because it can last 25 years.

Mahogany is a great choice for a solid, wood deck. It wears extremely well with its natural resistance to insect damage and wood rot. There are various colors available, that create a unique look.

Call Color Expressions Painting today to discuss your new custom mahogany deck for your Northern VA home so you can enjoy this summer!