Decorative painting in commercial spaces

Who says you can only get creative and decorative in residential spaces? If you know someone who does align with that thinking, they could not be more wrong! Just because you have a commercial space does not mean it needs to be plain and boring.

At Color Expressions Painting, we love taking commercial spaces and updating them to have decorative elements that enhance not only the space itself, but also the atmosphere of the entire building.

Here are two ways to add a decorative touch to your commercial space.


One of our favorite ways to add excitement to a space is to add a texture to some of the walls. Plain, white walls get old quickly, especially if every wall in a particular space is finished that way. There are several fun textures you can add to a space, including:

  • Molding treatments
  • Cloth covered wall
  • Brick wall
  • Patterned / textured wallpaper
  • Tile texture
  • Wood paneling

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to an actual texture on your walls, we can add a faux finish texture, which will give the appearance of texture without physically adding elements to the walls.

Faux Finishing

Faux (or false) finishing is the technique of replicating certain materials with paint. For example, you can replicate marble, wood, or stone with paint, giving the overall impression that there is marble, wood, or stone on a wall. It is only upon close inspection that someone would realize it is just paint and not actually a material!

One of the most common faux finishes in both residential and commercial buildings is a stone type finish. It is incredibly easy to add a faux stone finish to a small wall or space. Adding a faux finish elevates the look of a space and breaks up the monotony of plain walls. Imagine how nice the lobby could look with one faux finish accent wall!

These are two easy and affordable ways to add life to a commercial space. Call Color Expressions Painting today to start sprucing up your commercial Northern Virginia space!