Do I have wood rot?

Happy April! Now that warm weather is around more consistently, we are starting to use our outside spaces more (especially for those of us who are self-quarantining to avoid all the various viruses going around). When we can see our exterior better (not hidden under dirt, grime, and snow) we may notice something disturbing: wood rot.

Color Expressions Painting is very adept at finding and replacing wood rot.

So, how do we find wood rot and what does it look like?

Just like with any issue in your home, the first step is finding the exact source of the problem. In our experience, the reason wood rot happens is because there is moisture buildup in the wood that allows it to get weak and ultimately over time, rot. We see this buildup happening because:

  1. The wood was not sufficiently painted, stained, or sealed
  2. The wood was subject to water damage from clogged gutters or downspouts

The second step is verifying that the issue is in fact wood rot. There are some clear telltale signs that something is experiencing rot.

  • White or grey growths visible on the wood
  • Mushroom like growths on the wood
  • Peeling paint
  • Green algae on the wood
  • Areas of wood that appear darker than other areas

Outside of just the look, a quick test that you can do is to push a screwdriver (or something similar) into the suspected spot of wood rot. If the wood does not resist, you are most likely looking at some degree of wood rot. If it goes straight through, you have severe wood rot.

Where is wood rot most common on your house? Well, any place that you have wood! If you have a more natural siding (cedar, redwood) you could have wood rot there. If you have a wood deck, it is entirely possible to have wood rot in your deck, especially if you don’t keep up with staining and sealing it. Additionally, any wood shutters or features are just as susceptible to wood rot.

Stay tuned to our next blog post for what to do when you have wood rot! At Color Expressions Painting, we have a very specific course of action we always recommend to our clients.

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