Easy fireplace makeover

Happy 2020 Color Expressions Painting blog readers! It is hard to believe that winter is officially here, let alone an entirely new year!

As we settle into the next few months of cold weather and perhaps even some precipitation (hopefully we see at least one good snow in Northern VA!), one of the coziest places to spend time is in the living room cuddled up in front of a fireplace. So many homes in this area are lucky to have these living room features, which come in handy this time of year.

But how does your fireplace look? Is it outdated brick? Is it damaged? Does it clash with your overall room? Fireplaces tend to act as the feature in a room, when they exist, so if they don’t match your style or theme, it can really damper the overall atmosphere of a room.

Color Expressions Painting loves updating fireplaces. As central features in the room, they should look good and you should enjoy looking at them. And luckily, there is a simple and affordable makeover that will help!

A really easy way to makeover a fireplace is to paint it. You may be asking, but paint brick? Yes! It looks really good once it is done. We promise that even brick purists have been swayed by the look of a newly painted fireplace.

This is such an easy and affordable makeover. First, we don’t have to do anything to the existing structure, which means no demolition or construction. Second, we are only using paint, so supplies do not cost that much. For something so affordable, it can have drastic results.

One of our favorite updates is to take an older brick fireplace and paint it white. But there are people who go darker and even people who opt for a black fireplace. There is no wrong choice for color, if it goes with what you want and like.

This year, instead of spending another unpredictable Northern VA winter curled up in front a fireplace that makes you unhappy, call Color Expressions Painting to makeover your fireplace. You won’t regret it!