Fun fall exterior updates

While it may not feel like it (thanks Northern VA summer temperatures!) fall is just around the corner. Fall ushers in a season of outdoor activities and festivities that often result in the decorating of our homes. Halloween brings scary decorations, pumpkins, and of course trick or treaters. Christmas is all about outdoor light displays. You don’t want awesome decorations upstaged by a dreary exterior, do you?

Color Expressions Painting can help you spruce up the outside of your house with these fun fall projects.

Painting your house

The biggest and boldest project is painting your house. We talk about this at length because not only does it make your house look better to refresh the paint every few years, it also adds a lot of protection. Fresh paint covers any cracks or holes and protects against bugs and critters that creep into those cracks and hole and cause damage.

Like we said before, this is not something that we recommend doing every year, but painting your house is something that should occur every few years. It is not a hard project, it can be done rather quickly, and has a huge impact on how your house looks.

Painting your front door and shutters

Is there anything better than a cute colonial with a set of matching shutters and front door? We don’t think so. Painting your front door and shutters, or just your front door, or just your shutters is another easy way to change how your home looks. Depending on how exposed they are, front doors can be prone to a lot of wear and tear. While replacement doors are not always super expensive, it may be an upgrade that you don’t have space for in your budget. Painting the door can be another option that is cheaper and easier.

The same goes for shutters. Replacing all your home’s shutters can be a costly upgrade, but you can achieve a similar look by simply painting them. Of course, if there is real damage this may not be a viable option. But, if your shutters are in decent shape, consider painting them for a new look.

If you live in the Northern VA area and have noticed that your home’s exterior is looking a little worse for wear, call Color Expressions Painting today so we can help you fix it up!