Hiring a professional painter

I’ve lived in Northern VA for a long time and am finally ready to update my home! After waiting all this time, I want to get the job done quickly so I’m thinking of hiring a professional but do have some concerns. What can I expect when I hire you?  

At Color Expressions Painting, we often work with first time clients, who have never hired a professional. In this area, the work and life balance is so sacred and people don’t always want to spend their spare days and evenings tackling complex home projects.

At a high level, this is what a home project would like with Color Expressions Painting.

Initial meeting and quote

The first step is an introductory meeting. We need to see the space and understand your overall vision. Based on this, we can put together a quote for cost and establish an expected timeline, including a start date and an end date. Unless there are things that happen outside of our control, we stick to this timeline for the duration of the project.

After we have discussed the duration and scope of the project, we will provide a firm fixed price proposal complete with all of the necessary details, so you know exactly what will be accomplished. Once the proposal has been completed and everyone has agreed to it, we will begin the actual work.

Completing the project

The largest part of the process is the actual work, whether that be an exterior cleaning, painting, or remodeling. When we are working on a project, we do request access to a bathroom as well as a sink so that we can clean up. We are very respectful of your space since we know that we are visiting.

A common question is ‘do I need to be home?’ While we do not need you to be home for the entire duration of the day, we do ask that you be available, so we can provide daily updates and answer any questions you may have.

Post-project completion

After we are done with the project, we go through the finished product with you to ensure that we have met all of your needs. If there are any areas that need to be retouched or redone, we will complete that prior to leaving.

We have a 2-year warranty on all of our work. If any issues arise, we can fix them.

Call Color Expressions Painting today to tackle your next home improvement project. We will get it done quickly so you can enjoy the space you’ve been dreaming about!