Hiring painters for your Northern VA new construction

In Northern VA, new homes are popping up all over the place. And not just houses, but apartment complexes and townhouses and condos. Everywhere you look, more land is being repurposed for housing developments.

With all this new construction going on, there is a real need for efficient and cost-effective painting. Especially if you want a color other than the builder’s standard white/off-white. New construction is the perfect time to make your house or complex the place you really want with the colors and features you are prepared to look at every day.

If you have a construction company or you are doing your own build, here are three reasons to hire Color Expressions Painting to handle your painting.

1 – Experience

We are very experienced at Color Expressions Painting. Each year, we complete over 200 painting projects within the Northern VA area. These projects are both residential and commercial and span everything from a touch up to a complete home repainting. Because of our experience, we are able to complete painting projects quickly and thoroughly.

2 – Professionalism

At Color Expressions Painting, we take great pride in our work. Our crews treat their projects like their own homes. Any trash and debris is cleaned up daily. Spaces are left cleaner than they were before we started our work. Each crew has a written checklist they follow and fill out every single day. You won’t be left wondering about an update for the day; instead, you’ll have it documented clearly so you know exactly what was done.

3 – Competitive Rates

We are happy to be able to offer incredibly competitive rates for all of our work. This means that you won’t be overpaying for any service we offer. Instead, you will be getting top notch work at a locally consistent price. New construction is expensive and while you are doing your home, you might as well get all the paint colors you want. We can help you do that within your budget.

New construction is exciting but can also be really overwhelming. Don’t let painting your home or apartment complex be one of those overwhelming things. Call Color Expressions Painting today to set up a consultation.