How does weather effect your painting or staining project?

Exterior home painting/staining is susceptible to a host of conditions that are unfavorable to the job. High or low temperatures can negatively impact drying times; humidity and rain can cause flaking and poor adhesion. Wind may blow particles onto the surface and cause uneven drying times.

– SUN:  Sunlit surfaces can be up to 20 degrees hotter than the air temperature and can inhibit the paint from drying properly. Working in temps that are too high can cause paint to blister and wrinkle. Working in shady areas during hot weather is a good strategy.  Additionally, the gaps between the siding and trim can expand and virtually disappear when hot, which means that when the temps decrease, those areas will constrict and cause paint and caulk to crack.

– RAIN:  Ideally, you should not paint or stain within 24 hours of a rain. Painting on wet surfaces can trap moisture that will then foster mildew and inhibit adhesion.
(Outdoor temps can shorten or lengthen these timeframes)

**Horizontal surfaces –particularly decks– are most sensative to moisure.  Expecially if there is exposed wood.

– HUMIDITY:  High humidity can cause problems similar to rain. Water vapor in the air will condense as temps cool overnight causing water droplets to form on the surface.The droplets can negatively impact dry time and cause improper adhesion, streaks and spots.  Moist air can cause wood surfaces to swell slightly leading to a paint/stain failure as the surface dries and contracts. Additionally, if air is too humid, the solvents in the paint may evaporate before the water or oil base does, causing paint to cure prematurely causing a paint failure.

-TIPS: To extend the life of your paint job, use the highest quality 100% acrylic  paint.  Higher quality paints can extend the life of your paint job up to 5 years longer than a cheaper latex paint. There are also paints that are made to cure faster for rainy climates and there are paints that tolerate lower temps better than others. Color Expressions always uses top of the line acrylic exterior paints. When comparing proposals, pay attention to what paint is being offered. Best quality paints are expensive – double the price of cheaper paints — but your home will benefit from the top quality paints.  Remember, the biggest cost is labor, so invest in top quality products that will extend the life of the work.

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