How to make a small space appear bigger

One thing ALL homeowners in the Northern VA area know, is that space is a hot and expensive commodity. Getting in the location you want may mean compromising on price or size.

If you ended up in a smaller space than you were initially envisioning, there are several tricks and techniques you can use to make it appear bigger. There are ways to enjoy your space even if it is smaller than you wanted.

At Color Expressions Painting, we use these tricks to make those less than ideal spaces appear larger.

Smart Spacing

While it may seem like putting all your furniture against the outer walls would make a room seem larger, it can have the opposite effect. So, make sure to put some space between your furniture and the walls. Use smart spacing, like adequate space between pieces, to open up the room.

Light Colors

Whatever you do, don’t choose a bright bold color in a smaller room. It will come off as overwhelming and really show the smallness. Instead, paint the walls using light color palettes including white, light gray, and light blues.

One Color Theme

Make the walls monochromatic, so select one color and paint the walls and trim or molding in various shades of that one light color. This again helps create that open, airy feel.

Spruce up the Ceiling

While we don’t advise choosing a bold color for the walls, you can use a dark color or even a fun wallpaper or texture on the ceiling. Painting the ceiling makes the room appear taller, thus bigger.

Hidden Storage

Who doesn’t love an ottoman or bench that doubles as storage space? In a small room, these pieces are lifesavers. Remove the need for an extra shelf or table by getting a piece that functions in several ways.

Expose Windows

Resist the urge for window coverings and let your windows live au natural. If you don’t need to worry about privacy, leaving the windows uncovered lets more light into the room, giving it depth.


A fun, but perhaps surprising accent piece that will open up a room is a mirror. As mentioned above, light makes a room feel larger, so place a mirror across from one of those exposed windows. Or, angle a mirror towards the room’s focal point to create depth.

These are just a few of the ways that you can take a small space and make it more open. Contact Color Expressions today so we can start brainstorming how best to open up your space!