Increase your commercial property value

We had some exciting news a few months ago about our area: Amazon is opening a new headquarters here! This is such a great opportunity for the Northern Virginia area. Even areas outside of Arlington will feel the affects of bringing such a big business here.

With Amazon relocating here, we only imagine that other businesses will follow suit. If you have been thinking about selling your commercial property, now is the time to finish any of those small, cosmetic projects that can instantly add value to your property.

Here are three projects to tackle now.

1 – Exterior Painting

Take a walk around your building and take stock of the overall condition of the paint. Make sure to note down any areas where you see cracks or peeling; as these are the areas that are contributing to the curb appeal of your property. Just like some people judge a book by the cover, potential buyers will judge a building by its exterior.

At Color Expressions Painting, we have a wide array of experience repainting commercial building exteriors & interiors.

2 – Interior Painting

It is amazing what a new coat of paint can do. Just like with a home, a fresh coat of paint can really change the look of a room. Just like with the exterior of the building, walk around the interior of your building and see if there are any places with peeling and cracking. Or, are there any spaces that have a really bright color that may not be in style anymore? If you are planning to sell your building, it may be a great time to paint the walls white or another neutral that won’t scare prospective owners.

3 – Ceiling Repair

Yes, a lot of people have their heads buried in their phones or their computers, but for those people who do look up, you want to make sure that they aren’t looking up at an old ceiling with cracks or dirt. We have a lot of experience with textured ceilings (repairing, removing, or adding).

Now is the time to take on these small projects that can positively affect your property value. Call Color Expressions Painting today for a consultation on your commercial space.