Interior painting for your Northern VA property

Winter has arrived in Northern Virginia. Winter is the perfect time to evaluate the interior of your commercial building. Exterior work is much harder to complete in the winter months with the cold temperatures and threat of precipitation around every corner.

Instead of focusing on the exterior during these months, we like to tackle projects inside a space. That way we don’t get delayed by unexpected weather, which is so common in this area!

At Color Expressions Painting, we have cared for the interior painting of many commercial buildings in Northern VA. Here are three interior painting projects you could tackle during these wintery months:

Office Space

The main working area in a commercial building should look clean and fresh. Especially if it is a place where people spend most of their time. A shabby, worn down looking office space can affect team morale and deter potential clients and customers. Now is the perfect time to take a weekend and update the color in your space. Keep your employees feeling refreshed during a dark and dreary time of year!


Bathrooms don’t get a lot of thought or love in commercial spaces. They tend to not be a priority since they aren’t seen all the time by everyone. In our experience, worn down bathrooms can really age a property. If you don’t have the budget to redo the bathrooms, a fresh coat of paint can make them appear cleaner and newer. This is a project that costs a lot less than a complete renovation but has a large impact.

Stairwells / Corridors

Just like commercial space bathrooms, the stairwells and corridors are also somewhat neglected spaces. Just like any other space, these walls get worn and damaged too! Another great project for the winter is taking time to repaint the stairwell and the corridor.

All of these projects help the overall look and feel of a space. Just because you have a commercial space doesn’t mean it doesn’t need upkeep and painting. Reach out to Color Expressions Painting today to schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to help you update your space!