Northern VA winter weather damage repair

We have been lucky this year in Northern VA with a mild winter. We’ve had snow fall a few times, but never amount to anything significant and temperatures have not been too cold. Even still, our homes are facing some winter weather damage.

Now that spring is around the corner, Color Expressions Painting can help fix this damage before the weather gets nice.

Here are the three most common winter weather casualties we see.

1-    Chipped Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is the first line of defense for your house against weather, so of course it will be damaged by ice, snow, and rain. Once there is a chip or a crack, additional precipitation will be able to get in between the paint and your house, causing even more damage.

While we haven’t had a lot of snow or ice, we have had a lot of rain, especially recently. All this rain can wreak havoc, especially if your gutters aren’t working well.

2-    Peeling Exterior Paint

Temperature fluctuations from cold weather to milder weather can cause the paint to start peeling off your home. If you originally used a lower quality exterior paint, it’s damage will be even more apparent in cracking, flaking, or bubbling.

With moisture getting into the cracks between the paint and your house, there is an increased chance of water damage within your home as winter turns into spring.

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of unusually warm days followed by cold again, so peeling is a real possibility.

3-    Shrinking Caulk

While there are several exterior issues caused by winter weather, one annoying interior issue is shrinking caulk. When the temperatures drop, it can cause the caulk in your home to shrink. In some cases, this can result in a gap in your crown molding or baseboards.

You don’t want gaps in your crown molding or baseboards when the weather gets warm as that is how many of our insect friends get their way inside. Luckily, we can help caulk any areas quickly and affordably so it is not an issue come spring.

Just because we haven’t had a harsh winter, doesn’t mean your home hasn’t felt the effects of winter. Call Color Expressions Painting today if you notice any of these issues!

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