Painting apartment & condo complexes in Northern VA

Spring and Summer are the best times to tackle exterior work. In Northern VA, our summers tend to be fairly mild. We get a lot of sunny days, with lots of light in the day thanks to daylight savings time. This means more time to work outside!

Northern Virginia is home to thousands of businesses and even more people. In an area that has such a high cost of living, more and more people are turning to apartment rentals or condo purchases because the cost of a single-family home is outside of their budget. With so many options to choose from, people will rely on first impressions to prioritize their choices. Put your building at the top of people’s lists by giving the exterior an upgrade.

No one wants to live in a shabby building. When we choose a home, we look not only at our individual unit, but the entire neighborhood. Think about these things:

How does the neighborhood look? What kind of vibe does it have?

The best neighborhoods are ones with good curb appeal that look clean and maintained. If the exterior isn’t maintained, what does that say about the interior? People will assume that if you don’t keep the exterior clean and painted, you won’t take care of the interior.

Are there amenities? What shape are they in?

This is another thing people look for. Is there a pool or fitness center? A community space? Are those buildings maintained too? Even though these might not be the main living spaces, they still should still be maintained with the same care as the main buildings.

Color Expressions Painting can help you redo your buildings’ exteriors so that they are more appealing to potential renters and buyers. Painting a building’s exterior, updating the trim color, painting doors, and redoing caulking on windows makes such a big difference at a small cost.

If you are an apartment building or condo building owner in Norther VA, call Color Expressions Painting today so we can create a plan to revitalize your buildings. Your current and future residents will love the fresh new look!