Popcorn ceiling repair or removal

Have you walked into a house you loved only to find a stucco popcorn ceiling that throws off the vibe of the house? Did you purchase an older house and after years of living with it, find that the charm of a textured ceiling has worn off? Fear not! At Color Expressions Painting, we have Northern Virginia residents covered in popcorn ceiling removal and repair.

There are a few options for homes and buildings with a popcorn ceiling that depend on the age of your home and the overall look you want.


The most commonly requested option is to remove the entire ceiling, which is done through scraping. This option

is not the cleanest or fastest, but does tend to be the most cost-effective. However, this method may not be possible for homes built prior to 1979. Due to the materials used in house of that age, there is often an elevated risk of lead and asbestos lurking in the ceiling. Scraping would not be a feasible option in those cases, as it would cause all those harmful particles to become airborne.

We can do a test to see if your house has lead or asbestos before ruling out or settling on this option. After removing the popcorn ceiling, we will then apply two skim coats (as mentioned below) before priming and painting the ceiling.

Cover Up

Another option is to cover up the existing ceiling. With a cover up, we put a layer of drywall over the existing popcorn ceiling. This option works really well in homes that can’t rely on scraping the ceiling either due to age of the home or because the popcorn ceiling was painted over. This option is quick and results in an incredibly smooth finish.

This option can be very difficult to do your own, but Color Expressions Painting has you covered and get this done quickly, saving you time and money.

Skim Coat

A third option is skim coating, which involves covering the ceiling in joint compound or mud. Using this method, you can smooth out the ceiling. You can control the look with how many coats are applied. To simply cover up the existing ceiling, while creating a different texture, you would use a single coat. To create a smooth finish, you would apply multiple coats.

As with the other options, skim coating can be very messy and hard to do on your own.

While popcorn ceiling removal is the most common option, as you can see it may not be the best option for you. If you are tired of your textured ceiling, or want an updated look, contact Color Expressions today! Through a consultation we can establish which option will work best for you and help you get to that overall overhead look you want.