Prepare your deck for summer

Spring is here, and warm temperatures are starting to finally hit Northern VA. At Color Expressions Painting, this subtle shift in seasons is getting us really excited for the summer months where we can spend nights and weekends outdoors with our loved ones.
It won’t be as fun eating meals outdoors or enjoying a cool beverage if you are on old and aging deck, that’s not in great shape. Before we get into the real summer months, call Color Expressions Painting to start updating your deck. Here is the process we’ll go through:


The first step in the process is to prep the deck for a solid cleaning and staining. To do this, we will sweep up any and all debris the deck has collected, including leaves, branches.

If you have an older deck, we will then need to pressure wash it to ensure that all the built-up gunk is gone. We don’t want to seal and stain in residual pollen or dirt.

The last prep step is sanding. We want to make sure that the deck is in good, smooth shape before staining it.


We will work with you to select a stain color that matches your exterior and the natural landscape around your house. Once we’ve settled on the perfect color, we will stain the deck.

This process is subject to weather, so in the case of inclement weather, we will wait until the next sunny day.
We will dig deeper into all the various deck stain options in our next blog.


When you seal a deck, you are protecting it from moisture that causes wood to rot. A seal is only effective if there is no mold or algae present, which is why we always pressure wash a deck prior to staining and sealing.

Sealers prevent rain and other excessive moisture from getting on the wood and staying there.

Staining your deck has many advantages, including adding a decorative look, protecting against external elements like mold and sun damage, and adding value to the deck.
Call Color Expressions Painting today to set up a consultation for deck staining. Protect your deck and increase your home’s value in one update!