Reasons to paint kitchen cabinets

Homeowners often think the easiest way to add value to their home is a kitchen renovation. While new cabinets and appliances do add value, it is not a quick or cheap upgrade. At Color Expressions Painting, we encourage our clients to first consider refinishing or repainting their cabinetry.

Here are six reasons why you should pursue this upgrade today:

1 – More value
Updating your cabinetry, especially in large areas like the kitchen, instantly adds value to your home. When you upgrade via refinishing or painting, you can maximize added value while minimizing the cost. Painting kitchen cabinets can breathe life into them and the space without disrupting your daily life and cost an arm and a leg.

2 – More Customization
When updating your cabinetry through refinishing or painting, you have lots of control over the final look. You can upgrade from dark to light, light to white, or even go bold! You can create a clean look using a semi-gloss finish, or go for something more distressed and rustic.

3 – Less time
As with any project, the less effort involved, the less time involved. Painting or refinishing cabinetry is a shorter timeline project than a complete replacement. Instead of removing old cabinets and putting new cabinets back in, you are removing only the existing cabinet faces. There is no wait time while new cabinets are ordered and no time for installation.

4 – Less messy
If you have ever been through a kitchen renovation, you know firsthand that it can be a messy process. On top of not having access to your kitchen, there is a slight mess that comes from the constant shuffle of removing and replacing appliances, cabinets, and fixtures.
When painting your cabinets, there is no dust and no extra tools. It’s an easy, clean process.

5 – Less expensive
Painting your kitchen cabinets gives you that new kitchen look without a hefty monetary investment. A complete cabinet replacement (especially in a large kitchen) can be extremely costly. Painting your cabinets will typically cost 30-50% less than a full replacement

6 – Less intrusive
The biggest inconvenience of a kitchen renovation or full cabinet replacement is that it leaves you unable to use your kitchen. Without a kitchen, meals are harder, you can’t really entertain, and your whole lifestyle is affected.
When you opt for painting / repainting your cabinets, your daily life remains unaffected. You still have access to your kitchen and can use all your appliances.

This type of upgrade has numerous benefits but is not an easy DIY project. To prevent rework and irreversible mistakes, reach out to Color Expressions Painting today. We work with you to pick out several sample colors, solidify a color choice, and complete the painting. While we are rejuvenating the cabinets, we can easily freshen up the kitchen with a new coat of paint!