Spring home projects

Most of us are very familiar with spring cleaning. As the weather gets warmer, we take extra care to clean the spaces in our home. For some of us that means deep cleaning areas we haven’t spent time on, while for others it’s a time to inventory of our belongings and do some decluttering.

Spring cleaning should not be confined to the interior of our homes. In our last blog post, we talked about the affects winter weather can have on the exterior of your home, specifically the paint.

If your house fell victim to the vicious winter temperatures Northern VA has experienced recently, this is the perfect two-pronged spring project for you!

Pressure Washing

Prep your home for repainting and get all the winter gunk off of your house with pressure washing. Between all the freezing rain and snow, our houses are covered in winter residue. The best way to get this off is pressure washing the entire exterior. Luckily, Color Expressions Painting offers pressure washing prior to repainting for homes in the Northern VA area. Call us today to start getting your home clean and polished for the spring!

An added benefit of pressure washing is that it enables you to really take inventory of any damage to your exterior paint. When the house is covered in grime, it can be hard to see chips in the paint or any exposed wood. However, both of these are common occurrences after harsh winters. Though it may start as a small chip, any damage that is not fixed runs the risk of getting worse in the future.

Exterior Painting

Once you have pressure washed your home and can really evaluate the condition of the exterior, it’s time to fix any damage. When your exterior paint has started to chip or has missing patches, we recommend fully repainting the entire exterior.

This is good practice regardless of the extent of the damage, because any damage is a sign that either your house has not been painted in a long time or it was painted using a low quality exterior paint. By repainting it with a higher quality paint, we are actively preventing potential damage next winter.

At Color Expressions Painting, we know you value the look of your home and want to make sure you are starting the spring with a clean, safe home. Call us today to start your spring cleaning project with a thorough pressure washing!