Spruce up your house this spring

Spring is almost here! Hopefully. We can’t wait to see consistent spring weather here in the Northern VA area. It has been a long and rough winter, which has made it perfect for tackling all those interior projects that you have had on your to do list.

Now that there is more sun and warmer temperatures, it is the perfect time to start on your exterior to do list. Let Color Expressions Painting help you cross some of those items off your list!

After a harsh winter like we’ve had – just in terms of the constant temperature flipping back and forth and all the snow – our house exteriors are grimy and in need of some TLC.

One of our most popular exterior packages is a two-pronged approach for a lasting exterior.

Power cleaning

The first step for getting an updated exterior is a thorough cleaning. Winter weather can be tough on your exterior. We have had some harsh winds this winter, so you may have damage to your siding on your house, that will need to be fixed.

Beyond just this past winter, do you remember the last time your house had a thorough power wash? There is a commercial for soap that shows all these people using soap and low and behold, several of them leave a filmy residue on people’s skin. Only one (the one advertised) actually washes off. Just like soap, dirt and grime build up in layers. A good rain may clean off a few layers, but the bottom layer of grime is still there. If you can’t recall the last time you had a power wash, or you’ve never had one, we highly recommend doing this first.

Painting the exterior

The second step for a lasting exterior is to repaint it. This is a perfect time to consider your home’s colors. Do you like the main exterior color? What about the siding? Do the accents go with the primary colors? If you don’t want a change, we can match the existing colors and go from there. If you do want a change, we can work with you to find the perfect blend of colors. We evaluate the surrounding homes to figure out some options that will work well with the overall appearance of the neighborhood.

We always recommend some degree of weatherproofing after we repaint. This not only protects the house from various weather, but also keeps the paint on longer.

While this type of outdoor project can seem extremely daunting (time consuming, potentially expensive) Color Expressions Painting makes it easy! Call us today to schedule a consultation for sprucing up your Northern VA home.