The best spring painting project for your house

This time of year, we all start to think about spring cleaning. Normally, this type of endeavor takes place inside with all of our possessions. What can we donate this year? What can we throw away? For anyone still on the Marie Kondo train, does this bring me joy?

While spring cleaning inside our homes is great, we should not neglect the outside of our houses either. They go through so much throughout the year, constantly being pelted with various precipitation, always under attack by bugs and insects, and taking a beating from all the sun.

With everything our homes go through, Color Expressions Painting loves to offer this two-prong painting project for your house.

1-    Pressure Washing

As we all know, winter weather can be dreadful for your home. Snow and ice tend to leave dirty residue but add that to a home that hasn’t been washed in a long time, you are actually looking more at a buildup of pollen, dirt, and weather for years. The best way to remove this residue is by thoroughly pressure washing the exterior.

While pressure washing is not a huge project, it is time consuming. We offer this service in conjunction with exterior painting because we know your time can be better spent doing other things. Pressure washing is a necessary first step. We don’t want to paint over a bunch of dirt and grime!

2-    Exterior Painting

After a thorough pressure wash, you will be able to really evaluate the condition of the exterior of your home. Chips and cracks in the paint will be much more visible. Any fading will stand out. Peeling paint will make itself known. While these might not need immediate fixing, they are indicators that the house has not been painted in awhile or was initially painted with a low-quality exterior paint.

Repainting the exterior, with a higher quality paint, ensures that you are actively preventing potential damage in the upcoming years. Additionally, it will make your home look brand new (at least from the outside)!

At Color Expressions Painting, we know how important the overall look of your home is, especially in the Northern VA area. Start the spring off right with a clean home. Call us today to book your spring painting project!

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