The power of power washing and a fresh paint of coat

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: winter can be brutal to your exterior. Especially in an area rife with precipitation. This winter season alone, Northern VA has seen several spells of snow, and as spring approached, more snow and even some torrential ran storms. All this weather is affecting the exterior of your home or building, damaging the paint and contributing to the overall look of your home.

Now that spring temperatures have arrived, it is time to fix the damage of a brutal winter. Color Expressions Painting has a power wash and painting package that will restore the exterior of your home or building, getting it back to that fresh look it had before.

Power Washing

Power washing is a powerful tool for cleaning your exterior, especially those hard to reach places. Trying to clean your exterior yourself can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Additionally, if you aren’t power washing, changes are really good that you aren’t actually getting all the dirt and grime off.

Power washing is an essential first step in any exterior upgrade, especially painting, because you don’t want to paint over dirt and pollen or dead insects. These things all gather on exteriors and should be removed before any painting starts.


After a thorough power washing, your exterior is ready for the next step: painting! Color Expressions Painting will work with you on choosing the right color(s) for your exterior. While you can obviously stick to the same color, sometimes it can be fun and beneficial to choose a new color. For example, popular color choices right now are dessert beige, moss green, soft lemon, stormy gray, opal. Dessert beige paired with a contrasting color makes your home pop. Stormy gray and opal are fresh and tranquil colors.

Choosing a new color can significantly change the curb appeal of your home, which helps not only your home’s value, but the value of your whole neighborhood.

This Spring call Color Expressions Painting to take advantage of the two-step exterior upgrade: power washing and painting. We promise your home will look better than ever!