Three painting projects with high ROI

Fall is the perfect season to start tackling some outdoor painting projects that can have a high return on investment for your home. With the housing market constantly ebbing and flowing, it is worth it to make your home stand out from the competition!

Here are three painting projects we do at Color Expressions Painting with a high return on investment (ROI).

1 – Repaint the front door

According to a 2016 Forbes article, repainting your front door can have an 80-140% return on investment (ROI)! That type of ROI is crazy for a project that is so incredibly easy. Repainting a front door takes a day if that. In addition to being a quick project, it is also a cost-effective project. At Color Expressions Painting, we can help you pick out a color that will make your house pop!

2 – Refresh the exterior

Another outdoor project that boasts a high ROI, is updating the look of your home’s exterior. If done correctly, this project can offer a 100% ROI! Your home does not need to have visibly chipping or damaged paint to need a refresh. If you are still rocking a paint color scheme from the ’70s, now may be the time to bring your house into this decade! Again, overall, this is not a hugely expensive project. It can be done for less than 5k, depending on your house’s size.

3 – Power wash the exterior

Have you ever seen power washing before and after pictures? They can truly be insane. Like those outdoor seat cushions that turned green? They can be restored to their original beauty! Just like with smaller things, your house can undergo a real transformation as well. For this project, the ROI depends more on the starting state of your home. If your home is very dirty and has not been thoroughly washed in years, you could get up to 110% in ROI. If your home is just averagely dirty, you’ll likely see more like a 50% ROI.

All three of these projects are ways to build up your home’s return on investment, especially if you are preparing to sell. The best part is that all three are relatively cheap projects as well! Call Color Expressions Painting today to start updating your home.