Touch up or full repaint

We get many requests to just “touch up” a wall instead of doing a full repaint. Have you ever wondered why painters prefer to fully repaint a wall rather than do a touch up? The following excerpts are from PQI magazine. It explains the reasons why painters prefer to fully repaint a wall – edge to edge to ensure a satisfactory outcome for the project.

There are 3 main considerations in touch-up applications, they are:

COLOR: The paint color must be an exact match

SHEEN: The sheen level should be uniform.
PROFILE: The re-applied paint should not be raised above the original painted surface.

Customer expectations must be realistic. Subtle differences in appearance that normally would never be noticed become obvious when the paint is applied as a touch-up. Success is most likely if the customer uses the same container of paint as originally used. But even if the area is repainted using the original paint, it still may not match exactly. Sun exposure may have caused the wall to fade slightly or the stored paint may have drifted a bit from its original color or sheen characteristics. The existing surface may have a slightly lower sheen than the touch-ups. Keep in mind, if you bring a sample of paint to the store to match, it will be almost impossible to get color and sheen close enough for touch-up purposes. All of this means that the end result may be a very noticeable “spot” where the touch-up was done. For best results, repaint the entire area with fresh paint.

If, in the end, you still prefer to do a touch up, follow these tips. Prior to preparing the surface, and touching up the paint, it is suggested that the same tools be used under the same conditions that it was originally applied. This will aid film formation and help ensure a uniform appearance between the original surface and touched up area. Apply the touch-ups sparingly, in thin, even layers. Paint should be dabbed on with a light touch and feathered out at the edges for an even finish. A 1-inch foam brush is helpful.

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