Trending colors: Bathroom

A client recently came to us with a question on updating their bathroom.

We are looking into updating our bathroom. While we were not initially looking to repaint, our contractor suggested it based on the work we needed done. Our bathroom is currently a lovely lavender color that I adore, though my husband could do without it. We want to repaint with a more neutral color and while the goal is not to sell right now, we do want it to be a color that is on trend and will add value in the long run. What are the trendy bathroom colors for this year?

This is a great question and when we work with clients, we are often asked what colors bring value or work best in a particular space. For this year, the bathroom trend colors tend to be neutrals. The top three are beige, white, and gray. All three colors promote calmness and relaxation.


This one is kind of surprising to us as its not one that we often get requests for, especially in a bathroom. Though we can see how a beige would be a great choice in a nature themed room. Paired with wood features, it could be a rustic and relaxing space.


White is always a safe bet. With white walls you can have fun with accents. Have you wanted to do incorporate a bright color in your bathroom? Starting with white walls can make those teal cabinets work without being overbearing. From a sell ability standpoint, white equals a blank canvas. Potential sellers will see white and be filled with options. They could repaint or hang up colorful pictures.


Gray continues to be one of the top paint color choices for any room. Millennials specifically tend to love the cleanness and versatility of gray. We are all for a nice gray shade in the bathroom, but we would go for a lighter gray. A dark shade of gray can make a space feel small. Pairing gray with white accents creates a really sleek looking space.

If you are in the Northern VA area and looking to update your bathroom, Color Expressions Painting knows you can’t go wrong with white! Call us today for a consultation for your next project.