Update your exterior: Siding options

Happy Spring! Northern VA is finally out of the dark and long winter months and starting to see spring temperatures. Spring is a season of rebirth. You see it all over the place in the nature; plants and flowers that died during the winter are now coming back to life. Just like in nature, we use Spring as a time for a fresh start with spring cleaning and spring projects.

Living in the Northern VA area, we know the importance of a well-maintained house exterior. One of the ways to keep your home value up is to ensure that it has good curb appeal. Several things go into curb appeal:

  • Landscaping
  • Garage / driveway appearance
  • Cleanliness of siding
  • Exterior paint color and age

Homes that have a solid combination of all these aspects are the ones that have good curb appeal aka they look great from the street.

If you are looking to add some value to your home or you are getting ready to sell, making some updates to the exterior can be an easy way to make that change. Here are two siding options Color Expressions Painting recommends.

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a great natural option that makes your home look unique. Cedar is a great option for a natural siding because it is low density and is light, which is great for construction. Cedar provides great insulation; you will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cedar can be left natural or it can be stained and treated. Due to its natural antifungal properties, you can leave cedar untreated with minimal worry of damage like warping or rotting. Over time, just like any other wood, cedar will weather and look more rugged. Staining it will prevent this, but does require more maintenance.

One of the benefits of going with a cedar wood siding is that there are tons of options. Various patterns and styles, including:

  • Bevel
  • Board and batten
  • Channel
  • Tongue and groove
  • Wavy edge bevel

Redwood Siding

Another wonderful wood siding option is Redwood, which offers a beautiful reddish color to your home’s exterior. It is possible to get different shades of red based on the quality of the wood.

Redwood is great for overall home protection as it tends to be very durable and long lasting. Just like cedar, redwood is also lightweight making it easier to install.  An additional benefit is that it naturally resists most pests, so you will have less damage from bugs and critters.

Compared to other woods, redwood has minimal shrinking and swelling with shifting temperatures, so it will be less likely to crack.

Adding cedar or redwood siding to your home can really elevate the overall look and feel of your home. Call Color Expressions Painting today if you are ready to upgrade your home!