Updating your Northern VA apartment complex

Spring is here, hopefully. The weather is finally changing, for the better, and the temperatures are starting to get warm again. We see the sun more and after a rather snowy season, the exterior damage on buildings is much more obvious.

This time of year is ideal for tackling some of those exterior projects that have been delayed due to the winter weather. At Color Expressions Painting, we love working on commercial exterior upgrades.

One example of a fun project is updating a local apartment complex. The complex had over 500 units that were all in desperate need of exterior work:

  • Dirt built-up on the exterior walls
  • Snow and salt residue on the walkways
  • Minor exterior damage from years of snow and ice
  • Chipped paint on doors and siding
  • Window caulking that has been worn down

For this project, the first step was a thorough power washing. We washed the brick, roof, and siding. After that we hit the walkways, entry ways, and dumpsters. There was also some minor exterior damage that we were able to take care of for the property manager.

After a thorough cleaning, we worked with the building owner to choose a paint color for the unit doors and siding. The paint had not been updated for several years and we settled on a nice neutral color that would wear better than the original color.

The last step was some minor building maintenance: window glazing and caulking. Several of the residents had complained that their heat and AC didn’t seem to work because cold and hot air seeped into their homes. When we surveyed the property, we noticed that a lot of the windows were not sealed properly. It makes sense, right? Over time, caulking disintegrates. It is something that does need maintenance over time.

This is a project that takes a relatively short time to complete but has lasting rewards. Your building looks great, which makes a great first impression for potential renters and your current renters are happy that their building looks good.

If you are an apartment or condo building owner in Northern VA, call Color Expressions Painting today so we can start talking about your exterior upgrade!