Valentine's day painting presents

Valentine’s Day is almost here. While not everyone loves the commercial holiday, there is no mistaking that it never hurts to take time out of our busy life to let friends and family know how much we care about them.

Every year, there is pressure to think of the perfect gift for your partner. But what if you have been together for a long time? Perhaps you are past material items as gifts and are looking for something new and fun.

At Color Expressions Painting, we thought up three fun painting presents that you could gift a loved one with this year.

Gift #1: Pressure Wash & Exterior Painting

Give your husband, wife, or self a break this year by hiring Color Expressions Painting to handle your springtime pressure wash and exterior painting. Color Expressions Painting pairs these two together because you really don’t want to repaint your exterior without a thorough wash. Spring is the perfect time to tackle this project since the weather will be much nicer.

For: This present is perfect for people in an older home who are ready for an exterior update.

Gift #2: Cabinet Painting

This is one of our favorite projects in general because it is such an easy and affordable update. Getting tired of your kitchen’s look? Perhaps you got new appliances recently and suddenly your kitchen just looks a little outdated. Painting the cabinets is an easy and quick project that can really change the look of your kitchen. One of the most asked for updates is white cabinets. We love this look. It is modern and sleek.

For: This present is perfect for people who are tired of their current kitchen and on a budget.

Gift #3: Installing Crown Molding

This is a project that is not always considered a priority because it is typically very superficial. There isn’t always a reason to add crown molding, but it tends to look so good once it is done. Crown molding can really enhance a space and take it from good to great. Adding in that texture at the ceiling adds an element of fun to a room.

For: This present is perfect for people wanting to add some texture and fun to a room or two.

Step up your Valentine’s Day this year with a creative present for your loved one. Call Color Expressions Painting today to book your Valentine’s Day painting present.