When to paint your home's exterior

In Northern VA, our neighborhoods rely on good curb appeal and visually pleasing houses. This helps not only the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood, but also the value of the homes. If the neighborhood and homes within it look cared for and maintained, the neighborhood becomes one people want to live in and the homes that are for sale do better than ones that are in a less cared for neighborhood. For better or worse, people don’t just buy a house – they buy a community.

One way that you can keep up your home’s image is to make sure you are painting your exterior regularly.

A good rule of thumb is to paint your exterior every 7 to 10 years. However, there is wiggle room within that time frame especially for the following materials.

  • Cement fiberboard siding – 10 to 15 years
  • Stucco – 5 years
  • Vinyl or aluminum siding – 5 years
  • Wood siding – 3 to 7 years

In areas where there is not as much sun, paint will last longer, even up to 20 years on vinyl or aluminum siding.

Here are two additional times to paint your exterior:

1 – Visible Damage

If you see any sings of paint flaking, bubbling or cracking, you know there is an issue. Usually when any of these occur, it means there is some sort of moisture or rot in the home. This is typically caused by extreme weather (excessive heat and humidity, snow, storms).

Another very visible sign is when the paint is fading, especially in areas that are not in direct sunlight. Sure, some fading is to be expected on sunnier parts of the home, but if you notice it in a typically shady area, then you might have a water leak. Once this is fixed, repaint the house to have an overall better color.

2 – Newer House

If your house is within 5 to 10 years old, it is time to repaint. Unfortunately, most contractors skimp out on exterior paint when first building a home. This means that you are stuck with a house that is not as weather proof as it could be. Prevent issues down the road by redoing the initial paint job, especially if you are in that sweet spot.

In Northern VA, our homes are susceptible to a lot of different weather: heat and humidity, sun damage, snow, rain, and even hail. Don’t put off painting your home’s exterior until there are visible signs of wear and tear. Call Color Expressions Painting toady for an exterior painting consult!