Why build a mahogany deck?

Warm temperatures are here to stay in Northern Virginia, and they bring green grass and beautiful flowers. Nature is at her best right now, and a great way to experience the nice weather and views is on your custom deck.

At Color Expressions Painting, one of our favorite spring and summer projects is building or updating custom decks. While there are a wide variety of materials you can use, one of our top choices is mahogany.

Here are three reasons why we choose this material.

Natural Color

With so many different varieties of mahogany available, you have multiple color options to choose from. Cambara is deep red-brown, while Meranti ranges from dark red to light brown, and Ipe ranging from blackish brown to deep red. With Meranti, even the same plank can have different shades of color, which creates a really nice natural look. Cambara stains well, so you can easily customize the color that comes through or lighten it up or darken it based on your preference.


Hands down, the best characteristic of mahogany as a deck material is its durability. Mahogany, unlike cedar and pine, actually resists scratches reasonably well. It is a great material for families with young kids and pets or high traffic situations. Mahogany does resists rot and mold. Additionally, mahogany is a wood that does not splinter, even when damaged.


When properly taken care of and maintained, mahogany has a very long life span. A mahogany deck can las up to 40 years when well cared for! The most important part of taking care of a mahogany deck is ensuring that it is installed correctly. This ensures that it will last as long as possible.

To extend your deck’s life, you can treat it with a stain or sealant that keeps the integrity of the wood for longer.

Mahogany is a great material to use for a deck, but can be difficult to install. It is best left to a professional, who knows how to cut it and lay it. It can also bit a bit more expensive, but the durability outweighs the cost.

Call Color Expressions Painting today to discuss the benefits and process for creating a custom mahogany deck!