Winter weather hurts your home

We’ve had a particularly chilly winter in the Northern VA area this year. A surprising lack of snow, but several weeks of freezing weather with low wind chills. There were even two days that schools were closed just because of the cold!

Wintry weather affects our health, our moods, and our houses.

At Color Expressions Painting, we see lots of exterior and interior damage from winter weather. Here are three of the most common:

Siding / Walls / Brick

The exterior materials that make up your house – siding, bricks, foundation wall – are very susceptible to damage when it is cold and the ground freezes.

The cold also causes certain materials to stiffen and become brittle, which allows them to be more sensitive to damage.

Siding can be damaged by snow blowers and snowballs. Vinyl siding is installed a little looser since it can be sensitive to temperatures, making it a prime target for weather related damage.


When the temperatures drop, it can cause the caulk in your home to shrink. In some cases, this can result in a gap in your crown molding or baseboards. Color Expressions Painting can help you re-caulk so you won’t have to deal with this for a few years.

Exterior Paint

Your exterior paint is the first line of defense against weather, so it makes sense that it can be damaged by ice and snow. If your exterior paint was damaged prior to the winter season (cracked, chipped, peeling) any type of precipitation can get in between the paint and your house, adding to the existing damage.

Temperature fluctuations from cold weather to milder weather can cause the paint to start peeling off your home. If you originally used a lower quality exterior paint, it’s damage will be even more apparent in cracking, flaking, or bubbling.

With moisture getting into the cracks between the paint and your house, there is an increased chance of water damage within your home as winter turns into spring.

If all of those weren’t enough, extremely low temperatures can change the color of your paint. Lower quality paints are especially prone to this, causing dark colors to appear lighter in color.

Call Color Expressions Painting today to assist in your winter weather damage repair. If your exterior paint is damaged, we can help you choose a high quality exterior paint to repaint your home with and set you up for a more successful 2018 winter season!